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Yom Hazikaron/ Yom Ha-Atzmaut

Updated: May 9

YOM HAZIKARON  - Monday May 13

Mincha - 6:40 PM followed by a memorial service for residents of the neighborhood who fell in Israel's battles and those who were victims of terror. 

We urge our members to participate in this memorial and thereby honor the memory of the fallen. 

YOM HA'ATZMAUT   - Monday night7:25 PM -Sicha in honor of Yom Ha'atzmaut will be given by Rabbi Leo Dee


7:45 PM - Festive Ma'ariv with musical accompaniment

Lechayim in the pergola in honor of the 76th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel


Tuesday May 14

Festive Shacharit

6:30, 8:00 Mishkan Daniel (Nussach of Chief Rabbinate)

7:30 Main shul (Nussach of Kibbutz HaDati)



בעזרת ה' יחד ננצח

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