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הקלטת הרצאה: "מנורה וענפי זית - תולדות סמלי מדינת ישראל", פרופ' שלום צבר

עודכן: 13 באפר׳ 2021

A lecture given in memory of Estelle Fink Z"L. Dr. and Mrs. Fink were part of Hovevei since its inception Estelle was a longtime member of the Vaad and served for many years as Chairman of the Vaadat Tarbut . The lecture is in Hebrew

ל ניסן, תשפ"א 12.4.2021 בשעה 20:30

הקלטת הרצאה בזום עם פרופ' שלום צבר


"מנורה וענפי זית - תולדות סמלי מדינת ישראל"

ההרצאה התקיימה לזכרם של דר ראובן ואסטל פינק

The most recognizable symbol of the Jewish people in our time is undoubtedly the six-pointed star (hexagram), generally known as Magen David. In the past, however, this symbol was used by many peoples, including Christians and Muslims, and there was nothing specific Jewish about it. Yet, this emblem was placed on the flag of the Zionist movement and later the State of Israel. On the other hand, the Menorah is the much older, meaningful, and spiritual symbol of the Jews - imbued with deep meanings over the ages. One such form, the Menorah with olives branches was eventually selected as the official emblem of the State of Israel, following a most amazing and tense design competition shortly after the State was declared

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