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Upcoming Lecture

עודכן: 24 במרץ

The Jewish Historical Society of England (Israel Branch) invites you to a Lecture by Shul member Laurence (Shmuel) Becker on the subject The amazing untold story of the part played by Marks and Spencer in the rescue of the Jews of Europe before the Second World War

Tuesday evening 19th March at 7.45pm at Mercaz Hibba - Rehov Herzog 75


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SHAVUOT שבועות

SCHEDULE FOR SHAVUOT Tuesday June 12 (5 Sivan) Light candles: 7:10 PM Mincha: 7:40 PM Maariv:  8:05 PM Wednesday June 12 (6 Sivan) Alot HaShachar: 3:37 AM Sunrise: 5:29 AM Shacharit: Mishkan Daniel :


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