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עודכן: 8 בינו׳ 2020

The thirteenth Siyum Hashas is being celebrated next month throughout the Jewish world. The siyum marks the daily learning of Daf Yomi over a seven-year period. On Monday January 6th 2020, 10th Tevet 5780, the English Shiur will conclude over seven years of daily study of Daf Yomi in our Bet Knesset, followed by a Seudat Mitzvah.

Our shul has three Daf Yomi Shiurim. One shiur, in Hebrew, was started in our shul by Rav Avigdor Burstein and continues in the Metivta. A second Hebrew shiur is given in Hebrew by Rav Kilav following the first morning minyan. The shiur in English is given by R. Shimon Hochster following the second morning minyan.

 The Siyum will be conducted by R. Shimon Hochster who has taught this Daf Yomi shiur in English both in our shul and at the Shteiblach over the past seven and a half years.

The Siyum will begin at 7:00 PM in Blondheim Hall. The Daf Yomi participants would like to extend an invitation to all our members to join with them for this special event, which will include a musical interlude.

The cost is NIS 75 per person, payable in advance please, by 31st December.

For reservations, call Menachem at 052 383 2379.

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