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SCHEDULE FOR YOM KIPPUR, Drasha and a short Halachic Guide

please do not switch minyanim Erev Yom Kippur (Wednesday September 15) Selichot, Shacharit: 5:50 AM , 6:30 AM Mincha: 1:30 PM YOM KIPPUR (Monday September 28) Fast begins: 6:09 PM Light Candles:6:09 PM Kol Nidrei: 6:30 PM (Blondheim Hall : 6:45 PM) Shacharit: Pergola: 5:55 AM; side of Main Shul: 6:45 AM (Blondheim Hall: 7:30 AM) Mincha: 4:55 PM (Blondheim: 5:15 PM) Shofar: 7:10 PM Maariv: 7:12 Fast ends: 7:22 PM

Rav Ote's Yom Kippur Drasha and a short Halachic Guide.

RYO - Yom Kippur and Hilchot Yom Kippur - 5782
Download PDF • 236KB

Gmar Chatima Tova L'chol Beit Yisrael

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