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Rivka Behar Women's Tehillim Chug

The Rivka Behar Women's Tehillim Group of Hovevei Zion recite tehillim for members of our community or their loved ones who are ill.

At this time of our need, we are prepared to add the names of soldiers who are wounded and say tehillim for them.

Please send the name of those for whom we should recite tehillim to the following email address -, with the subject line "names for tehillim"Our prayers are with everyone.

The Rivka Behar Women's Tehillim Chug  meets for 30-45 minutes every Sunday  at 7:15 PM on ZOOM, to daven for those sick and injured in the community. 

They also say  the prayer for the safety of our soldiers (Mi Sheberach Lechayalei Tzahal) and read the prayer for the welfare of  Medinat Israel (Tefila L'shlom Hamedina).

We would like for more women to participate either by

contacting Shirley Cahn at 0544-570-342 or 02-567-0244,

or simply joining the ZOOM meeting:

Meeting ID: 843 9178 8211 Passcode: 717174

CALL in: If you would like to dial in by phone please dial the number below 03 978 6688 Then it will ask you to put in the meeting code

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