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Book Launch

There will be a Book Launch of Medicine: from Biblical Canaan to Modern Israel edited by Stuart Stanton and Vaad Member and former Vaad Chairman Kenneth Collins on Wednesday 28th July at 7.30pm.

the event will be on Zoom as well:

Nada v Davidovich, Professor of Public Health at Ben Gurion University, a leading expert on Corona Virus in the Israel Media, one of the contributors of the book will be one of the speakers. Stuart Stanton is a retired Professor of Urogynaecology at the University of London. He established the Department of Pelvic Floor Reconstruction and Urogynaecology at St George's Hospital and was awarded a personal chair there in 1997. A prolific writer he has authored or co-authored 13 textbooks and over 230 peer-reviewed papers on urogynaecology.

Kenneth Collins was a general medical practitioner and Jewish community leader in Scotland. He was a founder of the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre and has been writing and publishing articles and books on Jewish medical history since 1987. Since aliya in 2009 he has published several books on Jewish history in Scotland and has co-edited books on the famous Jewish physicians Moses Maimonides and Isaac Israeli. He was the longest serving editor of Vesalius: the Journal of the International Society for the History of Medicine. He is currently Visiting Professor, History of Medicine, at the Hebrew University and is co-editor, with Prof Samuel Kottek, of Korot: the Journal of the Israel Society for the History of Medicine and Science.

Nadav Davidovich is an epidemiologist and public health physician.He is a full Professor and Director of the School of Public Health at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. His special interests relate to health care policy and health care systems and during the pandemic he has emerged as a leading spokesman on the challenges posed by coronavirus and its proper management

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