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Lecture by Dr. Ari Greenspan

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Dr. Ari Greenspan, who will be lecturing in our shul this Monday at 8:00 PM on the topic:

החיפוש אחרי עשרת השבטים

Exotic Jewish communities and the search for the lost 10 tribes in the Blondheim Hall, is multi-talented. Professionally, he is a dentist practicing in Jerusalem. He is also a mohel, shochet, and sofer and at one time even made stained glass windows.

He is a co-founder of the Ptil Tekhelet Association and was one of the pioneers who discovered the tekhelet used in most of our talitot and arba kanfot. Among his other accomplishments, he proved that the buffalo is a kosher animal.

Ari is a frequent contributor to Mishpacha magazine, had a column on Jewish tradition in Otiyot, a children’s Hebrew magazine, and writes extensively for other journals.

He has lectured around the world for dental groups and for many synagogues and Jewish schools. Some places include, San Antonio Texas, LA, NY, NJ, Chicago, St Louis, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Toronto, London, Germany, Bulgaria, Portugal, Croatia, Sarajevo, Addis Ababa, South Africa, India and Israel.

His multimedia and hands-on presentations include : Tekhelet, Halachic Archeology, Halachic Adventuring, Mesorah of Exotic Kosher Animals, Search for the Perfect Etrog, History of Matzah, Anussim and Halacha and many others.

Ari is the son of our members Rabbi Alan and Gayla Greenspan

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