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Azkara for David Amini Z"L

There will be an Azkara for David Amini Z"L on October 21, 2021 at 8:30 PM. Rav Ote will be one of the maspidim

The Azkara will be in English Meeting ID: 858 5937 2582 Passcode: 857705 If you would like to say a few words during the zoom memorial, please be in touch in advance with Dani on:

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SHAVUOT שבועות

SCHEDULE FOR SHAVUOT Tuesday June 12 (5 Sivan) Light candles: 7:10 PM Mincha: 7:40 PM Maariv:  8:05 PM Wednesday June 12 (6 Sivan) Alot HaShachar: 3:37 AM Sunrise: 5:29 AM Shacharit: Mishkan Daniel :


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